1996 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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1996 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

1996 Chevy Silverado 3500
7.4 Liter V8 Gas Engine
Crew Cab (4 doors & fits 5 adults)
Full bed (8 feet)
Miles: 160,000

Deferred maintenance that I caught up on since I took ownership in May 2019
* LED Headlight bulbs - headlights were burnt out
* Horn Fuse replace - horn was inoperable
* Air Conditioning service - had no AC, but I recharged it and replaced the AC fuse so it blows consistently and cold now
* Smoged and registered thru August 2020
* Replaced rear passenger window - was shattered and was covered by plastic
* Locking Gas Cap - to prevent syphoning
* Replaced Sun visor clips - were broken and visors were hanging down blocking driver visibility
* Replaced parking brake release - was broken and inoperable
* Replaced passenger door handle mechanism - only opened from outside vehicle
* Tinted Front windows - personal preference and keeps the cab cool on long drives
* Replaced Fuel pump (7/15/19) - Original was never replaced in 23 years
* Replaced Drivers Side mirror - mirror glass was superglued to the housing and I replaced the whole unit
* Replaced Distributor (10/25/19)

Why am I selling this truck?
I originally bought this truck to use as our weekend ranch runner when we take our girls horseback riding, and that was it’s sole purpose until October. As their school commitments have changed we are no longer going to the ranch as often as planned and it’s a waste of a good work truck. I figure this will be better off in the hands of someone who can benefit form a sturdy truck that hauls a ton of stuff and fits 5 people in comfort.


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